Welcome to MAI High School Kholvad
 Origin and history
Before the Independence of our country, this village belonged to “Gayakvadi state “. At that time, the population of this village was only 2000 . This village was known as one of the noble villages of that time. On the west side of the National Highway No. 08, this village is situated on the bank of the river Tapti. In the year of 1912, those kholvadian who lived in South Africa at that time established this institute named “Madressa Anjuman-e Islamiya”. During the first year, they established primary school. During the year of 1912 to 1945 education from Std. 1 to 6 was available. Than, Std. 8 of the secondary section was started. The progress of this institute was remarkable.
Luckily in the year of 1969 this school got young and hard working principal named Mr. Mohmedamin Mulla sahib and the progress of this school became fast, Only three class of std. 8 to 10 was available, In 1976, new method of 10 + 2 was made by government in whole state and this institute have established higher secondary stream. With the help of secretary of that time Mr.Yusufbhai Karasaheb and Principal Mr. Amin Mullasaheb along with the effort of management, they wearable to established Science stream which was quite costly. This is one of the big achievements of this institute. The inspirational character of Mr. Mullasaheb and Co-operative nature of secretary Mr.Yusufbhai Karasaheb as well as the help of all the members of committee can never be forget.
When science stream was established in 1976, due to lack of students – principal Mr. Mullasaheb as well as all the villages of Bharuch district like Tankariya, Manubar,Sasrod, Valan and they inspired the brilliant students of those villages to take admission in science stream. They encourage the students. This institute took all the expenses of those 10 to 15 students who took admission in science stream. For this we cannot forget the contribution of management during these tuff years this institute able to built three costly labs of science and help school to become one of the top school to become one of the top school of district.
The angry and lovable character of Mr. Mullasaheb helped school to maintained discipline which will always remain in upcoming years. Students of this school in country as well as in foreign are now achieving success and thus it is a proudly things for school.                                  
General stream was established in 1983. During the beginning year this General stream also faced problem of lack of student. On that time also with the help of  Mr. Aminsaheb Mulla and with the help of management, the number of students increased so much that in 1988 school required another class which also we get with co-operation of management. Thus along with science stream, General stream also become rich with the help of principal sir, management and co – operative staff.